Some logos from either personal or client projects over the years.
This poster started as a logo that the client cut. I loved it so I made it into a poster, and had the design 3D printed.
This was the branding for a fundraising banquet for Living Hope Ministries.
Because who in their right mind drinks dirt. Um... i mean decaf.
This logo was cut by the client. It was made for a retreat called "Draw Near" and the theme idea was "Jesus is the key." Hence me playing with the traditional chi-rho and replacing the X with keys. PS, a chi-rho is a monogram, a symbol for Jesus. Chi (X) and Rho (P) are the first two letters in the greek spelling of Christ.
Yes, "Automative." This logo was created as a joke for a friend. His room mates J and J had a knack for helping people with their cars so we came up with a logo for their de-facto repair service. The swag ended up being a Christmas gift for the two room mates.
This was the logo that I created for my International Service Project in 2011... which was cut because the Arab Spring happened and we couldn't go and instead ended up being the Central Asia Business ISP team.
This was an unused logo concept for Magnolia Bible Church. The client ended up going in a very different direction. So this concept hit the cutting room floor.
Another unused logo concept from a branding project.
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